Frequently Asked Questions

Can you translate the Adventure Log?

  • No.
    Many have pointed out that the entries in the Adventure Log differ significantly between the English and Japanese versions. Namely, that Link appears to have voice and writes from his own perspective in the Japanese entries, but that the English version omits this attempt at characterization and presents a distant 3rd person view. Although this is undoubtedly an interesting change, I do not see it as coming within the scope of this project since it is focused on voice acting.

Have you abandoned the project?

  • No.
    Seeing as this is simply a passion project that I maintain largely for my own satisfaction, it is not high on my list of priorities, and thus I cannot devote a lot of time to it. This causes updates to be highly irregular and unpredictable. This, however, does not mean that I have decided to abandon the project altogether, and at present, I have no plans of doing so. I will simply update whenever I can.

May I use your translations?

  • Yes.
    I am not affiliated with Nintendo, and I do not own the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Therefore nothing I produce here is copyright protected. You may use the translations I publish here in any manner you see fit, so long as it in no way infringes on Nintendo’s rights. I only ask that if you choose to use my translations in some way, that you cite me as your source.
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