Recovered Memory #6: Urbosa’s Hand (EN)

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Link is called to the Gerudo Desert by Urbosa. There, he sees Zelda, exhausted and asleep. Urbosa opens up about her concern for Zelda and reminds Link that is a warrior’s honor to protect a member of the royal family.

Urbosa’s Hand


Ah, well…you certainly got here fast.

I should have expected as much, from the princess’s
own appointed knight.

She was out on a survey all day today.

Still as the sands now…

So…? Spill it, boy.

Have the two of you been getting along alright?

It’s OK…

I know.

Your silence speaks volumes.

She gets frustrated every time she looks up and sees
you carrying that sword on your back.

It makes her feel like a failure when it comes
to her own destiny.

Don’t worry, it’s not like you carry blame
in any of this.

It’s unfortunate.

She’s put in more than enough time.

Ever since she was a young girl, she’s gone through
rigorous daily routines to show her dedication…

She once passed out in the freezing waters trying to
access this sealing power.

And she has nothing to show for it…

That’s the motivation driving her research.
I’d be doing the same thing.

She really is quite…special.

You be sure to protect her with your life.

It’s quite the honor.

The night brings a chill…

It’s probably time we take her in.




Urbosa! What was that?!

Did you feel that?!

Wait, what—how did you—

what are you doing here?!




Wh-what’s so funny?

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