Recovered Memory #5: Zelda’s Resentment (EN)

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Zelda continues her research on the shrines, but her repressed frustration builds as she is denied entry.
When Link appears, Zelda loses control and is overcome by her anger.

Zelda’s Resentment


Nothing. Just as I thought.


It appears that this structure was designed to be
exclusively assessed by the sword’s chosen one.

But designs can always be worked
around, at least I hope.

How do I get inside…?

I need to activate it somehow.

I thought I made it clear that I am not
in need of an escort.

It seems I’m the only one with a mind of my own.

I, the person in question, am fine, regardless
of the king’s orders.

Return to the castle.

And tell that to my father, please.

And stop following me!

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