Recovered Memory #4: Daruk’s Mettle (EN)

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Goron Champion Daruk is training with his Divine Beast on Death Mountain, but when he feels the ground rumble, he protects himself and Link from a landslide of boulders—and wonders whether the strange event was natural.

Daruk’s Mettle



I think I’m finally getting the hang of
controlling this Divine Beast!

I tell you what…sure is a blast piloting a toy
like this around.

Let those other Champions know, they better eat
their gravel if they wanna keep up with Daruk.

Speaking of which, can you believe this view?

Just look at all those delectable rocks sprinkled
on those mountains…

Mighty tasty.

I may not know a whole lot about this
Calamity Ganon thing…

but mark my words, I’ll protect this land
of ours to the death!

Right, little guy?

Hey, by the way…congrats on becoming
the princess’s appointed knight.

That’s a really big deal! Protecting
the king’s daughter…

No pressure!

Seriously, though. The princess is a strong
personality—so strong she can’t quite see the range
for the peaks.

Remember that, and you’ll be fine.


What the—?!

All right, so what was I saying…

That was a little strange…

As far as I know, Death Mountain
has been quiet for decades.

But if the mountain is shivering enough to send
down a bunch of boulders that size, then—

Never mind. Forget I said anything.

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