Recovered Memory #3: Resolve and Grief (EN)

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Zelda and Link head to Goron City to make adjustments to the Divine Beast there. Zelda expresses her commitment to researching the ancient technology and still struggles with her own quiet anguish.

Resolve and Grief


From here, we’ll make our way to Goron City.

Then, we’ll need some adjustments on that
Divine Beast so Daruk can manage it as easily
as possible.

He’s figured out how to get it to move…

However, it’s apparent that we still have
much more to learn.

But to think, that Divine Beast was actually
built by people…

That means we should be able to understand how it
works and how to use it to our advantage.

These Divine Beasts…so much we don’t know…

But if we want to turn back (the)* Calamity Ganon,
they’re our best hope.

Tell me the truth…

How proficient are you right now,
wielding that sword on your back?

Legend says that an ancient voice
resonates inside it.

Can you hear it yet…hero?

*The appears in the subtitles, but is not actually spoken by Zelda’s voice actress. This is probably a typographical error that was never corrected after Nintendo Treehouse decided to change their localization of 厄災ガノン (Yakusai Ganon) from “the Calamity Ganon” (as it was during E3 2016) to just “Calamity Ganon.”

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