Recovered Memory #2: Revali’s Flap (EN)

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Revali, Champion of the Rito, openly expresses his opposition to supporting Link. He confronts Link in Rito Village, but to what end?

Revali’s Flap


Impressive, I know.

Very few can achieve a mastery of the sky.

Yet I have made an art of creating an updraft
that allows me to soar.

It’s considered to be quite the masterpiece of aerial
techniques, even among the Rito.

With proper utilization of my superior skills,
I see no reason why we couldn’t easily
dispense with Ganon.

Now then, my ability to explore the firmament
is certainly of note…

But let’s not—pardon me for being so blunt—

let’s not forget that I am the most
skilled archer of all the Rito.

Yet despite these truths, it seems that I have been
tasked to merely assist you.

All because you happen to have that little darkness-
sealing sword on your back.

I mean, it’s just…asinine.

Unless…you think you can prove me wrong?

Maybe we should just settle this one on one?

But where…? Oh, I know!

How about up there?!

Oh, you must pardon me.

I forgot you have no way of making it
up to that Divine Beast on your own!

Good luck sealing the darkness!

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