Recovered Memory #18: The Master Sword (EN)

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Zelda entrusts the Master Sword to the Deku Tree. When she attempts to relay a message to Link, the Deku Tree suggests that she simply tell him herself upon his return.

The Master Sword

Princess Zelda

Your master will come for you.

Until then, you shall rest safely here.

Although the Slumber of Restoration will
most certainly deprive him of his memories,

please trust me when I say that I know
he will arrive before you yet again.

Great Deku Tree

If I may be so bold…what is it that you
are planning to do next, Princess?

Princess Zelda

The Master Sword…

I heard it speak to me.

It seems that my role is unfinished.

There is still something I must do.

Great Deku Tree

I sense there is great strength in your dedication.

Princess Zelda

Great Deku Tree, I ask of you, when he returns,
can you please relay this message…

Tell him I—

Great Deku Tree

Now, then…

Words intended for him would sound much better in
the tones of your voice, don’t you think?

Princess Zelda


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