Recovered Memory #17: Zelda’s Awakening (EN)

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Link continues to fight, protecting Zelda from a pack of pursuing Guardians, but collapses in exhaustion, terribly wounded.
As the Guardians close in, Zelda stands against them and finally unleashes her sealing power.

Zelda’s Awakening

Princess Zelda

Link, save yourself! Go!

I’ll be fine! Don’t worry about me!





Was that…?

The power…

No, no…

Link! Get up!

You’re going to be just fine…


The sword…?

So he can…

He can still be saved?

Sheikah Warrior


Princess! Are you all right?!

Princess Zelda

Take Link to the Shrine of Resurrection.

If you don’t get him there immediately,
we are going to lose him forever!

Is that clear?!

So make haste and go!

His life is now in your hands!

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