Recovered Memory #15: Return of Calamity Ganon (EN)

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Zelda’s efforts at the Spring of Wisdom bear no fruit. Upon completing her descent down the mountain, she and the Champions witness the awakening of Ganon.

Return of Calamity Ganon


Well? Don’t keep us in suspense.

How’d everything go up there on the mountain?

Princess Zelda



So you didn’t feel anything?

No power at all?

Princess Zelda

I’m sorry, no.


Then let’s move on.

You’ve done all you could.

Feeling sorry for yourself won’t be of any help.

After all, it’s not like your last shot was up there
on Mt. Lanayru.

Anything could finally spark the power to seal
Ganon away.

We just have to keep looking for that…thing.

Princess Zelda

That’s kind of you.

Thank you.


If I may…

Princess Zelda



I thought you…

Well, I’m not sure how to put this into words…

I’m actually quite embarrassed to say it.

But I was thinking about what I do when I’m healing.

You know, what usually goes through my mind…

It helps when I think—when I think about—


It’s here.


This is it, then…


Are you sure?



Princess Zelda

It’s awake…


[Ah…ah… *gasp*]


Let’s stop wasting time!

We’re gonna need everything we got to take
that thing down!

Now Champions! To your Divine Beasts!

Show that swirling swine who’s boss!

Link will need to meet Ganon head on when we
attack! This needs to be a unified assault!

Little guy! You get to Hyrule Castle.

You can count on us for support.

But it’s up to you to pound Ganon into oblivion!


Come. We should go.

We need to get you someplace safe.

Princess Zelda


I am not a child anymore! I may not be
much use on the battlefield…

But there must… There must be
something I can do to help!

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