Recovered Memory #14: To Mount Lanayru (EN)

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Upon returning from a field survey, Zelda shows Link Mount Lanayru towering in the distance… Zelda commits to going to the mountain to initiate the sacred rites that may awaken her hidden power there.

To Mount Lanayru

Princess Zelda

“Be sure to take the time to soothe your mount…

That’s the only way it will know how you truly feel.”

Your advice was quite helpful—thank you.

This little one and I are getting along quite well now.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I should outfit him with all of
the royal gear.

I thought maybe he should have to earn it first.

But it works! He wears it like a true natural.

I’m trying to be a bit more empathetic.

Benefit of the doubt, you know?

See that mountain?

That’s Mt. Lanayru.

It takes its name from the Goddess of Wisdom.

Lanayru’s decree is very specific.

It says: “No one is allowed, under the age
of seventeen…

For only the wise are permitted a place
upon the mountain.”

I’ve prayed at the Spring of Courage
and at the Spring of Power,

yet neither awoke anything inside me.

But maybe up there…

Perhaps the Spring of Wisdom, the final of the three,
will be the one.

To be honest, I have no real reason to think
that will be the case.

But there’s always the chance that the
next moment will change everything.

Tomorrow…is my seventeenth birthday.

So then I shall go…

and make my way up the mountain.

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