Recovered Memory #13: Slumbering Power (EN)

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Zelda engages in a sacred ritual at the Spring of Power in hopes of awakening her sealing power, but she is overcome with the frustration and seeming futility of her dedication.

Slumbering Power

Princess Zelda

I come seeking help…

regarding this power that has been
handed down over time…

Prayer will awaken my power to seal Ganon away…

Or so I’ve been told all my life…

And yet…

Grandmother heard them—the voices from
the spirit realm.

And Mother said her own power would
develop within me.

But I don’t hear…or feel anything!

Father has told me time and time again…

He always says, “Quit wasting your time
playing at being a scholar!”

Curse you…

I’ve spent every day of my life dedicated to praying!

I’ve pleaded to the spirits tied to the ancient gods…

And still the holy powers have proven
deaf to my devotion.

Please just tell me…

What is it…?

What’s wrong with me?!

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