Recovered Memory #12: Father and Daughter (EN)

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Zelda gleefully watches the experiments with the Guardians at Hyrule Castle, but her demeanor changes quickly with the entrance of her father, King Rhoam…

Father and Daughter

Princess Zelda


We’re at a point now where we can
actually control them.

At the current rate, we’ll soon know all we need
to know about the Guardians and the Divine Beasts!

And should Ganon ever show itself again,
we’ll be well positioned to defend ourselves.

King Rhoam

What are you doing out here, Zelda?

Princess Zelda


I was assessing the results of the
experiment with the Guardians.

These pieces of ancient technology could be
quite useful against the—

King Rhoam

I know that.

They are essential to Hyrule’s future, and our
research demands that we keep a close eye on them.

However, as the princess, you currently have a
crucial unfulfilled responsibility to your kingdom.

Let me ask you once more…

When will you stop treating this as some
sort of childish game?

Princess Zelda

I’m doing everything I can.

I’ll have you know that I just recently returned from
the Spring of Courage where I offered every ounce of
my prayers to the Goddess—

King Rhoam

And now you are here wasting your time.

You need to be dedicating every moment
you have to your training.

You must be single-minded in unlocking the
power that will seal Calamity Ganon away.

Princess Zelda

I already am.

Don’t you see—there’s nothing more I can do!

My hope is… My hope is that you—

That you’ll allow me to contribute here
in whatever way I can.

King Rhoam

No more excuses, Zelda!

Stop running away from your duty.

As the king, I forbid you to have anything to do with
these machines from this moment on

and command you to focus on your training.

Do you know how the gossip mongers
refer to you?

They are out there at this moment whispering
amongst themselves…

that you are the heir to a throne of nothing…

nothing but failure.

It is woven into your destiny
that you prove them wrong.

Do you understand?

Princess Zelda


I understand.

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