Recovered Memory #10: Mipha’s Touch (EN)

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Mipha quietly expresses her concern for Link while tending to his wounds atop the Divine Beast.
She reassures Link that he can count on her in the upcoming trials ahead.

Mipha’s Touch


I was thinking…

this reminds me of the time we first met.

You were just a reckless child…

always getting yourself hurt at every turn.

Every time, I would heal you.

Just as I’m doing right now.

I thought it was funny how, being a Hylian,

you looked grown-up so much faster than I did.

I was…

I was always willing to heal your wounds.

Even back then.

So if this Calamity Ganon does, in fact, return,
what can we really do?

We just don’t seem to know much about
what we’ll be up against.

But know this: that no matter how difficult
this battle might get…

if you—if anyone ever tries to do you harm…

Then I will heal you.

No matter when, or how bad the wound…

I hope you know…

that I will always protect you.

Once this whole thing is over,

maybe things can go back to how they used
to be when we were young.

You know…

Perhaps we could spend some time together.

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