Recovered Memory #1: Subdued Ceremony (EN)

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Link is chosen to be the appointed knight to Zelda, princess of the royal family of Hyrule. Zelda does her best to facilitate the fabled “ceremony of legend,” as suggested by Daruk, but her own insecurities are laid bare…

Subdued Ceremony

Princess Zelda

Hero of Hyrule, chosen by the sword
that seals the darkness…

You have shown unflinching bravery and
skill in the face of darkness and adversity.

And have proven yourself worthy of
the blessings of the Goddess Hylia.

Whether skyward bound, adrift in time, or steeped
in the glowing embers of twilight…

The sacred blade is forever
bound to the soul of the Hero.

We pray for your protection…and we hope that—

that the two of you will grow stronger
together, as one.


Forged in the long-distant past, the sword
that seals the darkness…

Guardian of Hyrule, ancient steel, forever
bound to the Hero.

In the name of The Goddess Hylia,
I bless you, and your Chosen Hero.

Over the seas of time and distance, when we
the golden power of the Goddess…

Our hope rests in you, to be forever
by the Hero’s side.

Again we pray, that the two of you will be stronger,
together as one.


Gee, this is uplifting…

She’s making it sound like we already lost.


Wasn’t this your idea?

You’re the one who wanted to designate the
appointed knight with all the ceremonial pomp,
grandeur, and nonsense we could muster.

And if you ask me, the whole thing does
seem to be overkill.

I think I’m on the same page as the princess
regarding…this boy.


Oh, give it a rest.

That boy is a living reminder of her own failures.

Well, at least that’s how the princess sees him.

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