No. 2: Temple of Time (EN)

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The Old Man’s Identity

Old Man

Well done there, young one!

Now, then… The time has come
to show you who I truly am.

I was King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule.

I was…the last leader of Hyrule.

A kingdom which no longer exists.

King Rhoam

The Great Calamity was merciless…

It devastated everything in its path, lo,
a century ago.

It was then that my life was taken away from me.

And since that time, here I have remained,
in spirit form.

I did not think it wise to overwhelm you while
your memory was still fragile.

So rather than that, I thought it best
to assume a temporary form.

Forgive me.

I think you are now ready.

Ready to hear what happened 100 years ago.

The Events of 100 Years Ago

King Rhoam

To know Calamity Ganon’s true form, one must
know the story from an age long past.

The demon king was born into this kingdom, but his
transformation into Malice created the horror you
see now.

Stories of Ganon were passed from generation to
generation in the form of legends and fairy tales.

But there was also…a prophecy.

“The signs of a resurrection of
Calamity Ganon are clear.

And the power to oppose it lies
dormant beneath the ground.”

We decided to heed the prophecy and began
excavating large areas of land.

It wasn’t long before we discovered several ancient
relics made by the hands of our distant ancestors.

These relics, the Divine Beasts, were giant machines
piloted by warriors.

We also found the Guardians, an army of mechanical
soldiers who fought autonomously.

This coincided with ancient legends, oft repeated
throughout our land.

We also learned of a princess with a sacred power
and her appointed knight, chosen by the sword that
seals the darkness.

It was they who sealed Ganon away using the power
of these ancient relics.

One hundred years ago, there was a princess
set to inherit a sacred power and skilled knight
at her side.

It was clear that we must follow our ancestors’ path.

We selected four skilled individuals from across
Hyrule and tasked them with the duty of piloting the
Divine Beasts.

With the princess as their commander, we dubbed
these pilots Champions—

a name that would solidify their unique bond.

The princess, her appointed knight, and the rest
of the Champions were on the brink of sealing
away Ganon…

But nay…

Ganon was cunning, and he responded with a plan
beyond our imagining.

He appeared from deep below Hyrule Castle,
seized control of the Guardians and the
Divine Beasts,

and turned them against us.

The Champions lost their lives. Those residing in the
castle as well.

The appointed knight, gravely wounded, collapsed
while defending the princess…

And thus, the kingdom of Hyrule was devastated
absolutely by Calamity Ganon.


The princess survived…

to face Ganon alone.

Princess Zelda


You are our final hope.

The fate of Hyrule rests with you.

The King of Hyrule’s Wish

King Rhoam

That princess was my own daughter…

My dear Zelda.

And the courageous knight who protected her
right up to the very end…

That knight was none other than you, Link.

You fought valiantly when your fate took an
unfortunate turn.

And then, you were taken to the Shrine of
Resurrection. Here you now stand revitalized, 100
years later.

The words of guidance you have been hearing since
your awakening are from Princess Zelda herself.

Even now, as she works to restrain Ganon from
within Hyrule Castle, she calls out for your help.

However, my daughter’s power will
soon be exhausted.

Once that happens, Ganon will freely
regenerate himself and nothing will stop
him from consuming our land.

Considering that I could not save my own kingdom,

I have no right to ask this of you, Link…

But I am powerless here…

You must save her…my daughter.

And do whatever it takes to annihilate Ganon.

Somehow, Ganon has maintained control over all
four Divine Beasts,

as well as those Guardians swarming around
Hyrule Castle.

I believe it would be quite reckless for you to head
directly to the castle at this point.

I suggest…that you make your way east, out to
one of the villages in the wilderness.

Follow the road out to Kakariko Village.

There you will find the elder, Impa.

She will tell you more about the path that lies ahead.

Consult the map on your Sheikah Slate for the
precise location of Kakariko Village.

Make your way past the twin summits
of the Dueling Peaks.

From there, follow the road as it proceeds north…

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