No. 1: Prologue (EN)

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Shrine of Resurrection

Princess Zelda

…Open your eyes…

Open your eyes…

Open your eyes.

Wake up, Link.

That is a Sheikah Slate. Take it. It will
help guide you after your long slumber.

Hold the Sheikah Slate up to the
pedestal. That will show you the way.

Link… You are the light—our light—that
must shine upon Hyrule once again.
Now go.

Follow the Sheikah Slate

Princess Zelda



Head for the point marked on the
map in your Sheikah Slate.

The Beast Inhabiting the Castle

Princess Zelda


Try… Try to remember…

You have been asleep
for the past 100 years.

The beast…

When the beast regains its true power,
this world will face its end.

Now then…

You must hurry, Link.

Before it’s too late…

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