No. 18: Hyrule Castle


和文 (Japanese Text)
Rōmaji (Modified Hepburn Romanization)
English Translation (Zelda Translation Project)
“English Localization” (Nintendo Treehouse)

Download Bilingual Comparison
To English Script日本語脚本へ

Hyrule Castle Sanctum Exterior, Zelda Wiki

Yakusai Ganon Shutsugen
Calamity Ganon Appears
“Calamity Ganon Appears”

Princess Zelda【ゼルダ姫】





I’m sorry,
“I’m sorry…”

Watashi no chikara de wa mō……
(but) I can’t (hold him back) with my powers anymore…
“but my power isn’t strong enough…”

Ganon o……
“I can’t hold him…”

Link Facing Calamity Ganon, Zelda Wiki

発動! 英傑の力
Hatsudō! Eiketsu no Chikara
The Power of the Heroes
“Activate! The Power of the Champions”


言っとくけど 君の為じゃないよ?
Ittoku kedo, kimi no tame janai yo?
Just to be clear, this isn’t for you, you got that?
“Now my moment has finally come.”

僕は ガノンに借りを返したいだけだからね!
Boku wa, Ganon ni kari o kaeshitai dake dakara ne!
I just want to repay my debt to Ganon!
“Brace yourself, Ganon, for the sting of my revenge!”


これが 私の最後の力……
Kore ga, watashi no saigo no chikara……
This is the last of my power.
“This will be our final opportunity.”

Do not lose!
“We will not fail!”


行くぜ 相棒!
Iku ze, aibō!
Let’s go, buddy!
“Let’s go, little guy!”

さあ こいつを喰らいな ガノン!!
Sā, koitsu o kurai na, Ganon!!
Now, take this, Ganon!
“Now! Open up wide, Ganon!”


Hade ni iku to shiyō ka ne!
Let’s go and give a show!
“A hundred years in the making…”

O Hii-sama!
[1] “Princess.” [to 2]

Mō chotto no shinbō da yo!!
hold on just a little more!
“Hold on, [to 1][2] Our moment has arrived!”

The Divine Beasts Strike, YouTube

Translator’s Reflections:

Despite being a relatively short chapter, the English and Japanese versions of these two scenes have quite a number of differences between them, most of them appearing as the Champions deliver their last remarks before commanding the Divine Beasts to attack Ganon.

Of the four Champions, the one whose lines are most changed are Revali’s. In English, he appears to direct his lines at Ganon himself, who he warns to prepare for revenge, but in Japanese, he is not actually speaking to Ganon at all. Instead, he is informing Link that he is not attacking Ganon for Link’s benefit, but simply because he wants to get back at Ganon. This struck me as another instance of how Revali’s competitive attitude had actually been toned-down somewhat in the English version. There are a few other differences, like how Urbosa does not mention anything about it taking a hundred to prepare for the attack, but the changes made to Revali’s monologue are the most striking.

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