Main Quest

To Japanese Version (日本語訳へ)

Great Plateau

No. 1: Prologue

  • Shrine of Resurrection | Follow the Sheikah Slate | The Beast Inhabiting the Castle
    To English Script

No. 2: Temple of Time

  • The Old Man’s Identity | The Events of 100 Years Ago | The King of Hyrule’s Wish
    To English Script

Enter Hyrule

No. 3: The Blood Moon

No. 4: Seek Out Impa

  • Encounter with Impa | Ancient Folklore
    To English Script


Lanayru Great Spring

No. 5: Zora Quest

  • Encounter with Sidon | Vah Ruta Battle | A Promise with Sidon
    To English Script

No. 6: Divine Beast Vah Ruta

  • Mipha’s Guidance | Waterblight Ganon Appears | Waterblight Ganon Battle
    To English Script

No. 7: Champion Mipha

  • Reunion with Mipha | Mipha and Ruta
    To English Script

Gerudo Desert

No. 8: Gerudo Quest

  • Encounter with Riju | Vah Naboris Battle | Entrusted by Riju
    To English Script

No. 9: Divine Beast Vah Naboris

  • Urbosa’s Guidance | Thunderblight Ganon Appears | Thunderblight Ganon Battle
    To English Script

No. 10: Champion Urbosa

  • Reunion with Urbosa | Urbosa and Naboris
    To English Script


Tabantha Frontier

No. 11: Rito Quest

  • Encounter with Teba | Vah Medoh Battle | Teba’s Encouragement
    To English Script

No. 12: Divine Beast Vah Medoh

  • Revali’s Guidance | Windblight Ganon Appears | Windblight Ganon Battle
    To English Script

No. 13: Champion Revali

  • Reunion with Revali | Revali and Medoh
    To English Script

Death Mountain

No. 14: Goron Quest

  • Encounter with Yunobo | Vah Rudania Battle | A Chance for Yunobo
    To English Script

No. 15: Divine Beast Vah Rudania

  • Daruk’s Guidance | Fireblight Ganon Appears | Fireblight Ganon Battle
    To English Script

No. 16: Champion Daruk

  • Reunion with Daruk | Daruk and Rudania
    To English Script


Great Hyrule Forest

No. 17: The Hero’s Sword

  • Encounter with the Great Deku Tree | Master Sword in Hand
    To English Script

Final Battle

No. 18: Hyrule Castle

No. 19: Destroy Ganon

  • Dark Beast Ganon Appears | Dark Beast Ganon Battle | Do You Remember?
    To English Script

True Ending

No. 20: Epilogue

To English Script



Bonus Scenes

  • First Divine Beast | Divine Beasts Freed | Captured Memories Complete
    To English Script

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