EX Recovered Memory #5: The Champions’ Ballad (EN)

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The Magnificent Inauguration

King Rhoam

Welcome, warriors! I’d like to thank you for
joining me here today, and for your bravery
in accepting this…fateful task.

I officially appoint you Hyrule’s Champions
and bestow upon you this sacred garb.

That blue is a symbol of the Royal Family, one that
has been passed down for countless generations.

Those garments you now wear were all crafted by
my daughter, Zelda.

Zelda. I trust you with the task only a daughter
of the royal family can fulfill.

Lead our Champions, Princess.
And together, protect our kingdom
from the threat of Calamity Ganon.

The Champions


I tell ya, those formal shindigs really take it outta me.


Hmph. This is the Sheikah Slate, eh?

Princess Zelda

It is. Apparently there are more uses for it than we
originally thought. Sadly, we’ve yet to decipher
all of its secrets.


The princess showed me something strange recently.
Somehow it can create true-to-life images.


Oh, wow.

I would love to see it.

Um, Princess…

May I ask a special favor of you?

The Picture


All right. This spot should work nicely.

Keep your eyes on the Sheikah Slate, everyone!

Daruk, can you crouch down a bit? You’re as big
as Death Mountain.

What’s with the glum face, Princess?
Gimme a big smile!

Revali, move your tail closer to the group.


Ugh, fine.


Mipha, you look so tense. Deep breaths, OK?




Stay just like that! Here we go!


Click, snap! ♪

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