Here, I would like to offer thanks to those whose efforts have assisted me in making this website.

First and foremost, I must express my gratitude to all at Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development (EPD) who put in the hard work to develop The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It goes without saying that without them, this project could not exist.

I also want to thank my Japanese language consultants who so courteously review all translated material presented on this site to ensure precision and accuracy in my translations. All the time they take out of their lives to proof my work is greatly appreciated.

In particular, I must thank Clyde Mandelin of Legends of Localization,¹ whose work not only served as an inspiration for this project, but whose vast collection of screenshots from the Japanese version of the game has spared me both the time and frustration of having to track down certain information on my own.

A special thank you also goes out to GitHub user “MrCheeze,”² whose extensive repository of data from the game made not only transcribing faster, but also locating hidden and obscure lines of voice acting significantly easier. Without his efforts, many transcriptions (and even chapter sections) would not exist here.

Finally, I owe some additional thanks to the contributors of Zelda Wiki and Zeldapedia, whose maintenance of these websites provide easy access to information and resources related to the Legend of Zelda series. Also, thanks are in order to DeviantArt user “isaac77598” (Isaac D. Roman),³ who has generously allowed his high quality in-game screenshots to appear on this website.

A big thank you to everyone listed above, as well as to anyone else not mentioned. Your assistance and support keeps the project going.

¹ Link to site
² Link to data
³ Link to profile

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