New English Scripts & Website Update

1. Hiatus

With the last few months presenting increased stress and diminished free time, I have found myself unable to complete any new Japanese-English translations. The (at times) laborious tasks of transcribing, translating, and reviewing are time consuming ones that I currently cannot indulge, and so I have opted for placing a temporary hiatus on bilingual translations.¹

2. New Content

To make up for this, I have just uploaded the English scripts for every non-DLC memory in the game. This was made possible in large part to my recent discovery of text dumps on GitHub provided by the dataminer “MrCheeze” (link and details in the Acknowledgements). Access to this information allowed for me to (relatively) quickly assemble the English scripts for the primary memories that come with the base game, the pages for which have all now been made public. In all honesty, it was my desire to find a collection of Breath of the Wild scripts online—and my ensuing failure—that initially sparked my interest this project, so I see this as working to realize my original goal. Please follow the links below to any memories that interest you:

1 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

3. Changes and Additions

In order to accommodate the large influx of information and documents that have made it onto this site, I have decided to reorganize certain pages, as well as create a central location to house all of the translations and transcriptions that I have produced: the Script Archive. Rather than placing individual links on their respective pages, I have found it much simpler to put them all together. A consequence of this is that the archive must be in both English and Japanese, so that whichever is a visitor’s preferred language, they can locate the document they are want (even though few actually download them).


For the time being, I will not be able to work on any new translations, but I have completed the English-only scripts for all of the Recovered Memories. Also, all documents that I have made available, including those for the memories, are now located in the archive.

If you have any questions, general or specific, regarding this (or anything else) please do not hesitate to ask. Otherwise, take care and enjoy.

¹ I should have more time by December, so this should not last too long. Update (1/24/19): I overestimated the how much free time I would have during the holidays, and so I cannot be sure when I will finish the documents I am currently working on.

2 thoughts on “New English Scripts & Website Update

  1. Hey, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate what you’ve been doing. As someone who knows just enough Japanese to occasionally tell when things were translated differently, getting the chance to learn what was actually being said is fantastic.


    1. (Sorry for not seeing this until now). Thank you for your praise. It’s very nice to hear that you like what I’m doing. By the way, new translations should be coming soon.


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