First Memory Complete – New BotW Translation and News/Update

1. Update

Since mid May, I have been quite busy and have been unable to complete any translations. Fortunately, I have managed to find some time and I have now finished translating:

Sorry that this is all I can provide at this time, but more is planned to come.¹

2. Plans

I had not originally intended to discuss my current or future plans regarding translations, but given the irregular nature of their releases, I thought I should mention them.

The next translations that I plan to complete—both are more than halfway done—are backstory heavy chapters focusing on the history of Hyrule as told by Impa and King Rhoam. Once I publish these two, I will divert my attention away from working on Main Quest chapters to working on Memories. This is motivated by their generally shorter length, as well as by higher demand.

3. Changes

Additionally, I have decided to make several English-only scripts available prior to the release of their corresponding bilingual translations. When I chose to introduce monolingual scripts to this site, it was only my intention to make them available after completing full translations. However, it now seems silly to withhold transcriptions that I have already finished. So I will begin releasing monolingual transcripts—English and Japanese—when I complete them.


Sorry for the long absence, but I hope you enjoy Memory #1. Expect more memories after the next two Main Quest translations. Also, I will now be making English- and Japanese-only scripts available after I transcribe them rather than waiting until the translation is finished.

More will come when I can find free time, and as always, take care and I hope you enjoy.

¹ Edit (9/29): The latter half of this summer was very hectic and busy as a result of major changes in my life, and additional responsibilities have eroded most of my free time. As a one-person team, this has made completing translations (which can be quite time consuming) difficult. Therefore, I cannot predict exactly when anything will be released. Translations will simply come out whenever they are done.

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