Monolingual Scripts & BotW Translation Update

In order to have scripts available in more than just the form of translation comparisons, I’ve decided to added pages that are in one language only.

If you only want to see the English version of a scene, and don’t need the translation, then follow the link on the English “Main Quest” page to find the script in only English. Or, if you’re just looking for the Japanese version, click on the “To Japanese Version” link to find all of the Japanese pages.

To prevent it from becoming unreasonably large and complex however, I will not be adding the Japanese- and English-only pages to the menu. So if you want to see those pages, you’ll have to manually follow links to get there. Sorry.

More translations are coming soon though: two for the main quest, and one memory. More will come in the future.

Please enjoy the updates, and take care.

Edit: In order to streamline the site by reorganizing the growing number of pages, I have decided to consolidate all bilingual comparison and English-only pages under one menu heading: “English Menu.” In addition, I am building a Japanese counterpart, “日本語メニュー,” which will display all of the Japanese-only pages. Most of these new pages are under construction, so many will be blank for a time and links will be broken until I can fix them.

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